Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New job!

I started a new job this Monday and I am back as staff in higher education.  So as you can imagine from the lack of activity here on the blog through the holidays I will retire this little blog.  I'll still be using it to track all of you guys of course and that has turned out to be it's major function for the last couple of months anyway.

All of my craft and sewing projects are still upstairs waiting for me to make my way back to them.  And I really hope that I am able to do so sometime this spring. But for now it is work and run home to tend to my poor lonely dogs left unattended duirng the day.  The Honey made his way home for lunch today but I doubt he will be able to do that all the time.  Right now I only have a 30 minute lunch so I don't have time to drive back home to let them out at noon.  As you might imagine they are stir crazy by the time I get home.

Looking for day care for them was unsuccessful since the places I found would be very stressful for them.  At home care would be nice.  There is a company that comes out to your home for an hour with your pets---but did I mention I have dobermans? Excellent guard dogs, very faithful to me and the Honey but not so keen on new people in their lives.  Oh well, it will all work out in time---I hope!  Take care and I'll be visiting you on your blog.