Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dog #1 News--160/100

No, 160/100 is not my blood pressure but $160 for antibiotics and 100 miles driving (entire trip) to get the meds to Dog #1.  Am I not a devoted lover of Dog #1?  We make the trip again tomorrow morning so she can get her stitches out.

So far so good.  She appears to be doing better and is walking on the leg for the most part.  Thanks for all your good throughts coming our way.  She has 3 more weeks on the antibiotics to clear up the staph infection. 

Why is she called Dog #1?  She is incognito to protect her identity!

It is Wearable! Yeah!

I finally finished my grey dress using Simplicity 2938.  And it looks good enough to wear with no apologies. 

The fabric is a cheapy cotton from the bargain section at Jo Ann's.  I ended up feeling frisky enough to insert red piping in the neckline and add a steel grey broadcloth lining.  There was suppost to be red bias tape in the armholes but the fabric unraveled on me.

Unraveled armhole area where bias tape was attached to the dress

No way I was going to let this stop me after all this work!  Since the pattern intended bias tape in finishing the armholes there was no facing pattern for this area.  But I learned from you guys that I should just make my own pattern and so I did.  Problem solved.  Then just hem up the bottom of the lining; it is attached at the neckline and at the armholes hanging free otherwise. 

To make the lining I simply pinned the front pattern pieces together, pinned the pleats at the top neckline, and cut out the front on the fold.  The back was strictly the back pattern piece.  Two pieces no drama!

I admit it is not perfect but certainly a step up in my book.  Also I read on the pattern review site that a zipper was not needed.  So no zipper and it slips right over my head. 

Please let me know any improvements I could have made to the dress after viewing the photo. That is why I started this blog was the hopes of learning from the very talented people out in blog land.

Do the Happy Dance I made a dress!

Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF, sewing, Esty shop, and Dog #1 condition

TGIF and yes plans for the week went pretty much as they should.

 Dog #1 has STAPH! The surgeon called today with the test results and said she can continue with the current antibiotics for 3 weeks.  I hope that all goes well with this medication and so far so good.  She gets yogurt with the food and no upset tummy as of yet.  Also she seems to feel fine except for having to wear the plastic cone head.

Sewing news!  Oh! This might just turn out as something pretty and hopefully wearable.  No photos yet but the project was going so well I decide to line it, add red piping at the neckline and red bias tape to the sleeve facing area.  This is on a grey and white cotton and is lined is grey broadcloth.  I did not notice the zipper in the side until already committed to the project.  I guess that is one way to make me learn to install a zipper.

Esty Shop! So I need money to pay for these darn vet bills.  We are on the third surgery now and medications for the seeable future.  And Mama does not have a job (at the college where they should have hired her a long time ago. Just sayin :)

So I am putting my estate sale purchases on Esty in Mama Jewel's Vintage Shop---er. . . something like that.  The link is

So if you know anyone interested in vintage items like hats, scarfs, or patterns, send them my way.  Dog #1, the Honey and I thank you! I probably will not get everything posted today but check back next week for the patterns.

Fabric--I promised earlier in the week to post photos of my latest fabric purchases.  So let's get to it.


Cotton Gauze

Right to left
Poly, Linen/blend, cotton gauze

UGLY Paisley Jacket

Ok, it was an easy pattern to make but I look really frumpy in it.  The pattern called for 3 buttons and I think it needs more but why bother.  What the heck was I thinking when I picked out this fabric?  Ugly, ugly, ugly, that is what I am thinking now.

Current Project-take a look at the measurements on these two pattern pieces.  They printed the measurements backward .  This means the waist measurements or stated waist measurements are actually the hip measurements and vis-a-versa. 

See what I mean.

One more thing. . . Thank you for viewing my blog.  I have to say it feels a lot different having a few followers than not.  I feel like I am visiting with you guys out here in cyberland and it makes a diiference.  Thanks again!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Monday plans were pretty much as I said. Dog #1 had her surgery and she has an infection. The vet removed the metal protheses in her leg (previous TPLO surgery) and said there was infection in this location and in the joint. They kept her overnight and I will pick her up today.

She will be on antibiotics for at least 6 weeks and I really hope this clears up the infection. If not we have a possibly deadly problem or---- I can not even say it or type it. . .

Sewing...I did choose a pattern and fabric and lay it all out. It in pinned and ready to cut. I'll do this while waiting for the vet to call and tell me when I can pick up Dog #1. If any one out there is tight with St. Francis please check in with him. He dealt with a wolf problem I hear and Dog #1 is a doberman so she is small fry for him. My neighbor emailed this morning and told me a prayer was said for her already. Nice neighbor :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Plans for the Week

You know what "they" say about the best laid plans, but here I go.

Monday, Dog #1 goes back to the surgeon's and I have no idea how long this will take. The surgeon is not sure exactly what the problem is but we are having a re-do on Dog #1's surgury from few months ago. So I will be out of town for the day.

Tuesday-Thursday, I told the Honey that I would be sewing these days. I purchased lots of patterns that were on sale this weekend at Jo Ann's and at Hancock's. Vogue patterns were $3.99 at Jo Ann's and Butterick patterns were .99 (no cents mark on the keyboard?)

I also bought fabric!!! I know, what was I thinking. Well I thought maybe if I buy some pricer fabric I would be inspired to sew better. Maybe even wear a garment I have made. Photos coming on the pretty fabric.

Friday there is another estate sale in my area. Two of my neighbors and I are planning on going. Guess what? There are two vintage sewing machines at this sale. I will just be looking at these not buying. But one is a pretty turquoise and I am really interested in seeing the price on that one.

One more thing, check out 98 Red Balloons blog shown in my blog list. She is a young lady who sews better than I do (not hard, I know). She was successful with a dress that I had to turn into a skirt. I know the blog list thing says the post is 5 weeks old but the date on the post is current.

Keep your best wishes for Dog #1 and her surgery today. Thanks!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Back in the Groove

I have been away from my blogging for a couple of weeks.  Week one: getting ready for company coming to visit.  This week included pressure washing the house, cleaning, shopping, etc.  Week two: the visit, which meant cooking, cooking and oh yes, gaining weight! 

We did get out a bit and go to the zoo and the guys went to see Iron Man II.  For some reason the girls ended up at the mall walking around.  We tried a trip to a very nice park but yours truly ended the trip with a coughing, sneezing, allergy attack.  Everything was in full bloom and beautiful but the pollen was a killer.  Basically we paid to park, walked out about 10 minutes and 10 minutes back to the car.  Just as well the rest of group did not seem that interested.

Our other site seeing trip was to a plantation house and the grounds. Take a look at this grand magnolia arch. It is over 100 years old.

Can you imagine having the idea that your family would stay in one place long enough to see your seedlings grow into a magnificant archway like this one?