Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey I found a couple of websites with pretty ethnic dolls Pattycake Dolls and Black Dolls to Love.  You can even find dolls for children with Down Syndrome at Pattycakes.

I found one that I think is very pretty but not sure if it is the right one for our angel tree girl since she asked for doll with stroller.  But look!  Isn't she pretty and she has fabulous hair. She is also very stylish I think.

Cecile by Corelle

Ok, bloggers with little girls out there....would she do fgor a 5 year old?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Emergency, Black Baby Dolls, etc.

I've been out of town with my mother being admitted in the hospital last week.  Turns out she has diverticulitis but she is back home. I ran my butt off taking care of things for her like filling the freezer and the pantry, running errands, and trips to the hospital.  She can hardly walk and grocery shopping is a very big deal for her to do.  But the after spending about $800 on groceries she is well stocked for a while.  It is just her and her husband and they are not big eaters just bad eaters which explains the diverticulitis to some degree.

Since coming back home I have been busy trying to get my own pantry in order for Thanksgiving.  Plus interviewing for a job (think good thoughts out there my blog peeps "SMILE")

Now to the black baby doll thing.  Honey brought home 3 angels from the angel tree at work.  He started with two, one boy one girl, and then this afternoon he saw there was one angel left so now we have 2 girls 1 boy.  Both girls want dolls with carriage.strollers, bikes, other toys, etc.  The boy wants cars/trucks/ books (so happy to see this), movies, and Spiderman stuff. 

Madame Alexander Hearts A Flutter Doll
"African American"

So I go online to find the doll designated (B) for black and find that black baby dolls are really just white white dolls with dark skin. Well that ain't just right is it?  So does anyone know where I can find a black baby doll with stroller that looks like she should.  It seems a shame to send over these poor imitation dolls--I want our angel to have the right doll if I can get it in time. 

Oh and I am sorry 5 year old girl angel but you are NOT getiing makeup from me.  Bike, doll, games, yes, Makeup, NO!  All of the angels have clothes sizes listed but those are not right either.  A two year not not wear a size 5/6  and a 5 year old does not wear a size 1 shoe.  So I really need to find the right toys I think.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Makeover Part #1--Re-Do Home Depot Boo Boo

So things did not go as planned with the paint choice.  Sunday morning we did our prep work and opened up one can of paint.  Yeah. . . .not looking much like the original paint sample or the chip.  But maybe it is the light or something so on we go.  Started painting and then the Honey painted some of the new paint next to the sample on the wall where we had been testing colors.  "Well get the hair dryer our Honey!"

It only went downhill from there.  I did not feel good and was snappy anyway, Honey was grouchy too.  We returned the two gallons of neon orange to Home Depot grabbed some lunch and went home.  I took a nap.

Honey suggested that we just put a new coat of the original color which was and is Laura Ashley Gold #3.  Yesterday he dsicovered if we change out the light bulbs in the bedroom we can get the room to look more like the original paint color. (This is a Lowe's product and since we already had some left over we only bought one gallon. It is looking like we did not need this though and I don't think we will have to open the can.)

Today I'll finish painting the bedroom (I believe) and hopefully move on to other things.  One other thing I accomplished yesterday was to paint the back door which had been a job delayed too long.  The framework and the door completed.  Looks nice and clean--for now anyway.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover-Step 1 Paint

After a gazillion paint chips and way too many paint samples purchased and dabbed on the walls this is the color we finally decided on.  It is a Martha Stewart color but since her paint does not come in sateen (only eggshell, flat, semi-gloss, gloss) I purchased it in the Behr brand.  We have used Behr before and like it and when we hired professional painters they were surprised to find that they liked it too.

I made many trips to town to pick up paint chips, purchase paint samples chosen from the paint chip viewing, and then last night (deadline for choosing) the Honey said "You chose".  We were pretty much burned out by then.  This is hard work you know.  The samples never looked like what we expected once we put them on the wall. 

So after breakfast this morning we get started preping and on to painting.  Wish us luck!

P.S. I changed the blog look because while I like the previous look it took too darn long to load.  I was unhappy with the wait I can only imagine anyone else would have lost their desire to view this blog during the wait too. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mantel Reveal with Thrifted Items

This project all started with Savvy Southern Style and now she gave me another reason to hurry up with the post.  She is hosting another before and after event and I wanted to link in too.

First I pulled out the stuff I used last year when I decorated the mantel for Thanksgiving last year.  I already had the large candle sticks (all the time) out and the water color was out too.  This water color was an $18 purchased at an antique store (half price sale) and then I paid around $60 to get it framed.  Still not too bad a price for an original piece of artwork that I like. The glass pumpkin on the far left is a dollar store find from last year.

New this year was the large platter my mother sent for my birthday and pretty much all the rest are things you have seen previously in the thrifting adventures over the past few days.

The Harvest Ladies are from Hobby Lobby and also from last year.  The Lamp Berger was moved later.

Then I added all the thrifted things and some silk flowers from an arrangement I had made from flowers leftover from wreath making. 

Dollar store pumpkin, new platter from mother and vintage mama and babies squirrel set--this was $4.00 from a new thrift store that just opened

Glazed pottery piece and sunflower candle holder-thrifted

Mr. & Mrs. Pheasant thrifted from Goodwill for 50 cents each

Finally the 75 cent small plate and $1.50 plate holder

And the whole sheeebaannng together

It is an improvement for sure but seems to just miss the mark again.  So I'll keep watching Savvy Southern Style and the rest of you design gurus.  Maybe some of your design talents will make it over my way "GRIN"

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Part Three Thrifting and Emergency Room Visit

On to part three of the thrifty adventures and then after I finish my coffee I'll explain the emergency room visit.

Ok you know your going to need one of these for one reason or another this time of year.  So get it on the cheap, cheap, cheap! That is $1.21 for this large tray.

 Just some of the bargain books I bought along with 2 Cd's and some 2011 calendars.  Don't recall the book prices for sure but think $2.00 each, calendars 50 cents each and CD's $1 each.  The Hanson CD is a gag Christmas gift unless I listen to it and decide I love it.  But you know gifting it to a macho guy might be fun.

Of course you see Outliers up there too.  Maybe you recognize it from  Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing
Victoria has this listed as the inspiration for her blog so while most of the books are going to my mother I'll have to read this one myself first.  Just in case Victoria is on the meaning of life or something.

Bold and gold I figure either it will hold a candle if I am lazy or I might make a tall skinny topiary if ambitious.

This angel is very pretty and she is plastic but I think she will serve her purpose nicely.  I think she was only $2.35.

This is a reproduction vintage Santa and he is perfect and was perfectly cheap.  I think he has an elegant look to him and will fit in better with my Christmas decor better than the bright red and green stuff.  My Christmas decor is a bit nontraditional but you'll see for yourself in a few weeks.

89 cents for the sassy lady cards and 50 cents for the other box of cards

 This wall hanging looks like something that was purchased at one of those museum stores.  I think she will work in nicely with the Christmas decor.  She is quite lovely.

This home decor fabric from a large bag of fabric I bought for $2.52.  I don't normally like the animal prints for my own home but fell in love with this piece.

Soft home decor fabric in a green
On the left a heavy piece of canvas type decor fabric
 and to the right some felt squares and craft fabric.

This might be my tablecloth for Thanksgiving.  I grabbed it up at the SPCA Thrift Store for $8 before it ever hit the shelves.  It is long enough to fit my table when I add the leaves and if I set up for a buffet then this is probably what I will use.  I think it has a vintage look to it and it was in perfect condition.

I think that is it for the photos today.  Later I will post the photos of the mantel decor and some of Honey's paintings.  I think you guys will like the paintings.  Last year that was the major Christmas gift to those on our short list.

Now for the emergency room visit:  Last night we had to take Dog #1 to the emergency clinic an hour away.  She had started holding up the leg from the February surgery and May staph infection saga late Thursday.  First thing Friday morning I called the surgeon's office and was told to curtail her activities for the weekend and if not better by Monday call again.  I said "You are aware that she had staph infection in this leg this summer?"  The nurse said yes but I was wondering if she talked this advice over with our surgeon or this is what she decided.  Either way I was not happy about it but I went with it.

Bad decision on my part as we all can see.  At 9:15 I gave Dog #1 some pain meds and at 11:40 decided we had to make the trip to the clinic.  They are keeping her at this point and running tests to see if the staph is back--I think I can say that I believe it is.  Her temperature was over 104 degrees last night!  She is getting morphine for pain, antibiotics, x-rays, blood tests,IV fluids, etc.  And last night Mama received yet another Christmas present of vet bills--this is my third year of this.  Bah, Hum bug!  One of these years I want a real Christmas present like everyone gets--waaaa--cry like a baby! (The deposit on the bill was $800!) 

But I adore my baby--all 76 pounds of her :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Part Two: On With the Thrifting Treasures

I purchased a ton of stuff from the major thrifting places, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and the SPCA Thrift Store.  Most of it this week to be used in holday decor.  Then today on the way to Hobby Lobby I drove by an new thrift store benefitting the nonprofit I have been doing work for.  Surprise me--did not know they had one.

My table is full of treasures that I paid anywhere from 75 cents to $3.99 with most of the stuff about $1-$2.

This small pumpkin scene plate was 75 cents and the black iron holder ($1.01) was meant for a tile I think. It has two prongs at the top that I cut off with bolt cutters--love those things--bolt cutters that is.

The little rabbit with basket is small but very heavy and less than $3.00

The flower arrangement with the pink roses is for my mother it was $3.99

Small sunflower candle holder $1.01

Pheasant salt and pepper shakers $1.00 (tail on male bird was broken and glued back on--not an issue for my purposes and better than that no one but me will ever know)

This small piece of handmade pottery reminded me of an acorn.  It is heavy and very pretty.

These two angels that sit on the edge of a mantle match my Lenox nativity set and were only $4.04 for the two.  Next to it is a Lenox like Christmas ornament that holds a photo on the other side--$2.02.  It would also be beautiful as trim on a Christmas package.

These are two pieces meant to hang on the wall, one is corn and the other lilies. 

A small porcelian doll with red hair dressed in a beautiful green dress.

Vintage Santa less that $4.00

Two more Lenox like pieces--the heart trinket box is Lenox and the reindeer is close enough.

Ok, that is all I can show you for now since I have to run.  Tune in later for more and I'll show you my lovely Thanksgiving mantel piece all decorated with some of these thrifted items.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Crochet Sharing and Thrifting

So I promised that I would share photos of the crochet work I have done and am currently working on. 

See pretty!  I made this several years ago back when I was reading directions and understanding them. 

I made this last year for the Honey.  Very easy just single and double crochet in stripes.  By the way, he was a bit dissappointed since he wanted an afghan that was darker colored than this one turned out to be.

This is the one I am currently working on.  It was intended as a Christmas gift for a friend but I think Honey has his eye set on it.  It is darker and really just random stripes.  No stress here.

Now on to the thrifting and you can blame it all on a lot of bloggers out there. Most recently I have been looking at Savvy Southern Style and her before and after photos.  Then of course I had to follow the blogs she had listed to follow which leads to even more troubles. 

I am always amazed at the talent of everyone out here in blog land and the things they do.  SSS and her cohorts are interior design types and I missed out on this gene.  It is all so pretty and not really practical--I mean geeze what happens when it somes time to dust.  My gosh at the work.  Even so I try for special occasions.  So here are the thrift finds. (Ok, SSS and her people thrift sometimes but sometimes spend real money.  Me?  Cheap and unemployed.

This child size rocker was dirty, flakely cream colored paint when I bought it for $18 at a small town antique store.  As you see it now it is pretty well ready to paint but need a little more work.  Then I plan to spray paint it brown, then maybe highlight it with what ever colors I find around the house, then spray paint with cream.  After that sand to show the under colors a bit and wax it well.  I have seen this technique on other blogs and hope it works well for this project.  I'll have more money in refinishing supplies than in the chair.  It is a Christmas gift for my VBF's little girl.  Hopefully I'll get around to the cushions I want to make for it out of toile.

This table was purchased several years ago at a antique store in Arkansas for about $250 maybe a little more.  Already refinished too.  Not exactly my intended style but I like it, it is pretty, so to heck with design talent.  I'll just have to go with it.

This lamp was purchased at an estate sale for $15.  I had to replace the shade as you may recall due to the dog fight and blood splatter.  This beautiful shade was purchased new with the wrapping plastic still on it for $2.99 at Salvation Army.  Badda bing!! I was happy with that since I had tried another shade I paid $25 for and returned because it did not look right with the lamp.

I have other things to show you  but the Honey wants the computer and the dogs want to go outside.  So later then. . . .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kewl Gadgets from Kiziol

I saw these this morning and thought they were cool looking.  No ratings for these items yet but they are made in Germany and those folks are clever.  Those folks are my folks at least on my Dad's side of the family.

I really feel that if I had these scissors in my house I would be able to find them pretty quickly--or perhaps they would find me.

Also this little cutie is to hold your contact lenses--pretty funny huh?  Now I'll never own one of these for myself but it could be a cute gift for a friend.  Also it comes in different colors.

Both of these items are available from Amazon, $26 for the contact lens holder and $27 for the scissors.  They have lots of other things and I particularly liked the bird on a branch salt and pepper shakers.

Still crocheting and promising to to take photos soon.