Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Next Post

This is the one I told you to be sure and check out.  But first let me tell you how hot it is here.  VERY!  And especially when I was helping walk the 28 dogs at the animal shelter that are being shipped to a no-kill shelter in Salem, MA.  Seems like all of the volunteers I know about turned up to help but I was still wilting in the heat before the job was done.

Also I am still working on the Access database I volunteered to do for the shelter's volunteer group.  It has been over 2 years since I worked in Access so this is taking longer than I think it should. Furthermore, it is keeping away from fun stuff like sewing!  So if any of you know Access 2007 and would exchange emails over designing objects PLEASE let me know :)  I could use the advice.  Even after spending $40 on a new Access book I seem to be missing some little thing that is holding up my design work.

Alright, no more teasing.  The Follower Celebration is on!  Take a look at the photo below and if you are interested in an opportunity to win this gift just add a comment to this posting.  I had been delaying this because I wanted to find just the right gift and I think this is it. 

"True Friends Celebrate the things they have in common and delight in the things that make them different"

Now that was worth the wait, wasn't it?

The drawing for this will take place on Tuesday morning, August 17, 2010


  1. How cute and unique! I love a craft with a message = ).

  2. really really cute!

    Good for you walking those dogs..poor things..they need friend!! It's hot here in NY too!

  3. YEAH YEAH, I received my "friends" in the mail yesterday...they are absolutely precious. Thank you SO MUCH!!! What fun to come home from a bad day and find an awesome gift from toocutedobs!!!!! Thank you. and the pretty pink mailing envelope just topped it off!


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