Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life interfers with sewing and blogging

I have had to let the blog sit and the sewing sit due to real life interfering with fun life.  I've cleaned house (although I need to start over on that, again), cut the grass, edged the front yard, cleaned the backyard terrace, put up new umbrella (bought on clearance end of summer bargain), cleaned the garage (Honey helped).

Also, I volunteered this past Saturday at a local dinner theatre.  Out of 4000 email requests for help only about 8 people showed up.  This was my first time but since this was a holiday weekend  that probably explains the short list of volunteers.  My job was to paint, and when finished with that, paint some more, and then paint some more.  I was so tired!  I called Honey and requested wine/fruit/cheese/crackers for dinner.  Sweetie ran to town and bought all sorts of yummies for me.

After a shower we watched "Suddenly Last Summer" with Elizabeth Taylor and enjoyed our nice chilled wine. 

Still no sewing to report.  Today's "To Do" list includes washing the two cute dobermans, cutting the back lawn, and I still have work to do on the database for the non-profit.  Good news though--it looks like the small grant we requested for the non-profit is going through. So it's off to work we go  . . .


  1. Gosh, you have been busy! You make me feel lazy! lol Congrats on the grant, you must be excited!

  2. You are right, life does interfere! Good thing you have a great "honey" on your side! Congrats on the grant, and I know it will all work out and you will be showing us something soon.

  3. You reported lots of good things. Somethings we all have to take little breaks for "fun life". But soon you will find yourself creating something beautiful.

  4. Even though it was work, sounded like you had a good time all in all!!


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