Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Two Girl Angels

I forgot to tell you (and photo) what the two liitle girl Salvation Army Angels are receiving from us for Xmas.  Well, almost everything on their lists.  They asked for bikes and the Honey said "No bikes without helmets".  So they got their bikes and helmets, they asked for baby dolls and strollers, they got those too.  Clothes were listed and they got hoodies and they also will receive children's DVDs and books. 

Under our Christmas tree you will find . . . the tree skirt.  I'll try to photo the tree and get it up on the blog.  The ornaments are beautiful!  If you are interested in what our little boy Salvation Army Angel is getting and missed it just look back a couple of posts.  Off to cook some dinner. . . .

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  1. Wow! Those two little girls are going to have a great Christmas!


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