Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Monday plans were pretty much as I said. Dog #1 had her surgery and she has an infection. The vet removed the metal protheses in her leg (previous TPLO surgery) and said there was infection in this location and in the joint. They kept her overnight and I will pick her up today.

She will be on antibiotics for at least 6 weeks and I really hope this clears up the infection. If not we have a possibly deadly problem or---- I can not even say it or type it. . .

Sewing...I did choose a pattern and fabric and lay it all out. It in pinned and ready to cut. I'll do this while waiting for the vet to call and tell me when I can pick up Dog #1. If any one out there is tight with St. Francis please check in with him. He dealt with a wolf problem I hear and Dog #1 is a doberman so she is small fry for him. My neighbor emailed this morning and told me a prayer was said for her already. Nice neighbor :)

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  1. Dog #1 is in my prayers!! Dogs are the best friends ever....


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