Thursday, May 27, 2010

It is Wearable! Yeah!

I finally finished my grey dress using Simplicity 2938.  And it looks good enough to wear with no apologies. 

The fabric is a cheapy cotton from the bargain section at Jo Ann's.  I ended up feeling frisky enough to insert red piping in the neckline and add a steel grey broadcloth lining.  There was suppost to be red bias tape in the armholes but the fabric unraveled on me.

Unraveled armhole area where bias tape was attached to the dress

No way I was going to let this stop me after all this work!  Since the pattern intended bias tape in finishing the armholes there was no facing pattern for this area.  But I learned from you guys that I should just make my own pattern and so I did.  Problem solved.  Then just hem up the bottom of the lining; it is attached at the neckline and at the armholes hanging free otherwise. 

To make the lining I simply pinned the front pattern pieces together, pinned the pleats at the top neckline, and cut out the front on the fold.  The back was strictly the back pattern piece.  Two pieces no drama!

I admit it is not perfect but certainly a step up in my book.  Also I read on the pattern review site that a zipper was not needed.  So no zipper and it slips right over my head. 

Please let me know any improvements I could have made to the dress after viewing the photo. That is why I started this blog was the hopes of learning from the very talented people out in blog land.

Do the Happy Dance I made a dress!


  1. It's really cute! And, it looks totally wearable. I can't believe you found that print in the bargain section, way better than anything ours ever has. I bet the lining will make it last in your wardrobe for plenty of time. I should learn to line a garment, lol!

  2. I think you did a great job on your dress!

  3. Hey, good for you! Great dress and nice sewing!

  4. Very cute! The red piping is a great touch.


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