Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Garden

Eighty-eight degrees today for the high temperature here today.  I feel like I did a lot of work but really I think it was just the heat.  I went to a "Moving Sale" held by a local company that handles estate sales normally.  A couple of my neighbors went with me but I was the big buyer having spent a whopping $17 total.

Take a look at my new garden bunny I purchased at the sale.  He is a solar light or will be when I get new solar batteries for him.  He looks pretty nice under the maple tree.

My other purchases were not photo worthy as I bought two hose reels like the one you see in the above photo.  But these were purchased at the sale today at $5 each--as was the bunny.  The other purchase for $2 was a yellow wooden carry box with the word "Sunflowers" on it in black. 

Mama Bluebird in my garden

I knocked on the birdhouse prior to opening it and was surprised to find the mama bird in the box.  She is sitting on 5 very pretty blue eggs. 

Lady Banks Roses in a beautiful yellow

Roses, day lilies, creeping phlox, Lady Banks Roses, and azaleas on the hill

A close-up of one of the Floribundas just starting to bloom

Hostas, yarrow and coreopsis on the short side yard

More hostas in the large side yard under the pines

Lemon balm, one of my favorite herbs, and Swedish Girl daylily in pot

Honey has been arranging for a team of master gardeners to come out and advise us on our gardens.  We think they will be coming to visit us next week some time.  Looking forward to this visit but also dreading it in a way.  We'll learn just how many mistakes we have made already I suppose.

There are other gardens not yet photographed that are veggies, strawberries, and herbs.  Maybe I'll get those on later..

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  1. What a beautiful yard! Sounds like you found some good items. I love the welcoming bunny! Thanks for sharing!


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