Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Michelle Obama Slideshow and Net-A-Porter

Just a quick post of fashion for you to check out. 

The Michelle Obama Look Book 2010 --The Cut.  You might have seen it already but I just ran across it this morning.  The photos, all 222 of them, show the First Lady and her clothes which I think are really wearable for real people.  Thank you MO!  Michelle Obama Look Book

The sheath dress is shown in many versions and I am thinking "I've got that pattern, now if only I can get the fit."  The sweater with everything is done over and over, not a bad thing I like it.  But the belt over the sweaters I can do without.  Photos 141, 162, and 173 I really liked.  Ok, I really like almost all of them.  Photo 141 was casual but bright and I like the way the designer used a border print at the top drawing attention to the face.  I admit I always thought of border prints as going at the bottom until I saw a dress on Net-A-Porter.

This is the dress that clued me in: Black and White Border Print Dress.  Isn't this a great use of a border print?  I actually own some black and white fabric that would work for that dress.  If only I were so talented to be able to sew good enough to tackle a pattern like that.  But I know some of you out there can do it.

I heard about Net-A-Porter on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.  It is a great site for some cool looking fashions.  Some of which I think I could wear, but most are too hip, too young, and way too bare for me.  I know this because the measuring tape told me so yesterday when I measured my waist for the elastic in a skirt.  (Darn!  Wasn't my bust size just slightly over that a few years ago?)

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