Monday, March 29, 2010

On the net, the new/old sewing machine and at the auction

On the Net
Look at this fabulous jacket!  What I failed to get a photo of is the back.  Here the seamstress used the beautiful print in the vent pleat that goes from the shoulders to the bottom seam and swings open. 
Another beauty that I admired while surfing the other day.

And this I adore and know that I will never sew anything like it on the sewing machine I currently have. 

The New/Old Sewing Machine
But it looks like I am going to visit my mother this week and she has been trying to give me her old sewing machine for a while now.  But the vehicle only holds so much and two dobermans with their paraphernalia takes up a lot of room. It is kind of like traveling with two babies.  Big babies with big teeth.

So this trip I plan to allow room for the sewing machine which is a Bernina from the 70's.  My parents paid around $1000-$1200 for this baby way back when. Amazing when you consider the mortgage payment was $198 I believe. She has big fold out sewing machine cabinet too but I wil have to leave it behind for now.

The exciting part---the buttonhole attachment!  I can remember using this and it made great buttonholes. 

My mother and grandmother worked on this machine at our house making tons of clothes for me--I was in high school.  All the other kids wore jeans and I felt like a misfit (I was) but one day a girl came up to me and asked why I was "always dressed up" ?  So that's how the other kids saw me!  Ok, I can live with that.

The Auction
Ok, I have been to auctions before but not like this.  People were stealing the stuff I bought almost as quick as I bought it.  I caught one guy loading a set of vintage lugage I had just won the bid on into his van.  I got that back easily enough-he said he thought it was included with his stuff on the table.

At the end another guy walked up and grabbed some boxes of sewing stuff I had won the bid on.  I said "I bought that"--he said "no I bought that".  I was pretty sure it was mine but could not prove it until I got my receipt.  Of course by then he had taken my stuff and disappeared. 

Tall man with yellow sweater vest and boston terrier--I'll be on the lookout for you!

The honey was a bit upset when he saw all my purchases he thought it was too much stuff and possibly too much money.  So what do you think?

2 sets of Vintage luggage plus 1 white vintage suitcase (with keys)
1 Knife for honey (he did not like it)
4 boxes of fabric, some cut for various projects like quilts, etc.
3 large garbage bags of fabric
1 bag of small crochet pieces

All for just under $60 and the neighbor's truck was full. The neighbor also said that if I had saved my other purchases from the Yellow-Vested Theft we would not have had room for them anyway.


  1. Hey! This is Vanessa, fellow blogger at Thanks for inviting me to check out your blog! It's really cute! I can't wait to check out your new Bernina! What I wouldn't give to own my own Bernina, they do sew beautifully! Shhh! Don't tell my Janome machine, we just started forging a good working relationship. = )

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  3. The online sewing community is pretty into machines from the 60s and 70s, I bet that Bernina is awesome. I just bought a 70s Singer. Looks like I'll be checking back to see how you like your "new" machine :)
    (edited to add) BTW, That pink jacket looks really similar to Vogue 8300, the pattern illustration is even in the same pink. Coincidence?


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