Monday, July 19, 2010

Yippee! Celebration Time!

Thanks to all 11 of you who have joined as "Followers".  That is really cool and I have to give some thought as how we should celebrate this.  I'll let you know what I come up with later.

I mailed my Vintage Swap box off to Australia this afternoon.  Next week I'll post some photos of the things I sent to my swap partner.  But I should give her a chance to see them first before sharing with you.  I will say that I made an apron for her using vintage fabrics.  It was made without a pattern and just evolved.  It is reversable too.

Not much sewing going on since I started volunteering at the animal shelter this past week.  But I hope to get back on track this week with a new sewing project.  Hopefully, I will lose some weight walking all these dogs.  They are soooooo cute and really easy to handle.  After all I own two rough and tumble dobermans these guys at the shelter are a piece of cake compared to my girls.

Off to the upstairs to clean up the sewing room--it is a mess!


  1. Alright, a celebration is in order! I am just now getting your username - too cute dobermans (toocutedobs) right? Some days I can be soooo slow

  2. I guess this makes me follower #14. I followed you from my blog. Thanks for the comment on my dress. I really like it, too. I also own a Dobe - she's 10 years old, not so young anymore, and a real sweatie.

  3. I'm slow too!! I never put together "toocutedobs" until now....DUH...

    I have a Miniature Pinscher, does that count? But she sure is the cutest sweetest thing. Not related to dobs tho, but looks like one.

  4. I have to tell my Honey that I have really smart people reading my blog. Yep, I have two cute dobermans--Honey thought no one would figure that out. And Kathy, you are right, mini pins and dobies are not related. Most folks don't know that either. Thanks for the nice comments ladies I really do appreciate your time in looking at my blog.


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