Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I have been up to

The sewing machines are back in working order with a new foot control for the Bernina and the timing fixed on the Singer.  But I have not been home to start any new projects.

We went to my mother's farm for a few days and do some things for her.  Finding things, fixing things, etc.  Honey installed yet another ceiling fan in mother's house and there is still another new fan sitting there waiting.  I believe he has put in 3 or 4 by now.  Also, he used a chain saw and cut up a very large pecan limb from a tree about 100 years old. 

The dogs loved it there on the farm with so much room to run.  And the weather was great while we were there.  Still, there is no place like home and I am glad to be back.

Since returning we had a cookout with the neighbors and a vodka tasting. That was interesting and we had 8 or 9 vodkas to taste.  Ok, I know. . .you are saying to yourself that vodka has no flavor.  So let's call it characteristics, but some were flavored so there!

We contributed vodka from New Zealand, Poland, and Ireland.  Those would be in order: 42 Below, Chopin, Belvedere and Boru.  The neighbors brought, Absolut Pear, Charbay Meyer Lemon, something I don't remember, and Rue 33.

Everyone agreed that Chopin was the best.  My own favorites in order top to bottom:

42 Below
Belvedere and Boru tied
All these rest suck for me--I really hate flavored vodka and while Rue 33 is technically not flavored--it is. It taste like buttery vanilla and kinda sweet.  I don't do sweet drinks.  Give it to me straight, on the rocks sometimes, but don't add junk to good booze.

OH!  We had food too, after all it was a cookout. Marinated tequilla/lime chicken, hanburgers, and hot smoked sausages, salad, mixed veggies, pimento/cheese/olive spread with crackers, homemade salsa and chips, tangerine pie, coffee, blackberry sage tea and some wine. I bought the hot dog buns for the sausages but I made homemade buns for the burgers.

AND. . . .I have a partner for my first participation in a swap!!!!  Marie is from Australia and I am very excited to hunt down some goodies that she will like.  She suggested I sew something for her and I wish I could make something fantastic for her.  But anyone reading this blog knows that is highly unlikely.  "GRIN"


  1. Hey Swap partner,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your family and the vodka tasting sounds fabulous, all the yummy goodies you got to sample sound so good......
    PS go on sew me something I can't sew a straight line so it would be lovely to have something handmade by you.....
    Got my thinking cap on now so going to start looking for stuff tomorrow when I'm out shopping....
    Have a great week,
    ps where in the world are you? Are you in the UK or the US

  2. Sounds like you've been having fun! Tell me that y'all saved the pecan wood for grilling with? I love the smell of burning pecan wood (as long as it's a controlled fire).

    About the tomatoes - just watch for tomorrow's post!

  3. Amy, Honey thought about bringing home some of the pecan wood. But even with an SUV the packing is pretty tight when you need room for two 70 lbs dogs and all of their things.

  4. Hey lady!

    I must say, I have working on some projects, though it has been slow-going this summer. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  5. sounds like so much fun...even working on your mom's farm!!! My Dad was a farmer in Iowa and we'd spend our summers there (he moved to NY before WWII.)
    Im not a Vodka fan...but love wines and beer!! Especially on these hot summer nights.

  6. Kathy, I get "snookered" really quick on wine and do much better with the "hard stuff". But I do drink wine and only taste Honey's beer once in a while. He does home brewing of beer too. The last one was Carolina Cream Ale and it is pretty good--for beer :)


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