Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fabric Mart $1.00 Sale!

Check it out and see if any of these bargains are for you.  I recognize some selections since I already purchased them a couple of weeks ago.  I bought 8 yards of the Vera Wang Cotton Canvas thinking maybe a coat?  Now that I have it I am not sure, it is pretty stiff fabric.

I also bought some of the Sour Apple Green and I really like the feel of this fabric.  Orginally I was thinking about a sporty outfit with pants.  But I am still working on the red slinky dress.  Luckily I had enough fabric to re-cut the top pieces and try again.  So far so good since I tweaked the directions that were not working for me before. 

A triple layer of this fabric due to the "narrow hem" plus a seam allowance with elastic inserted will NOT go under my presser foot.  Hence the direction tweaking. 

Also, I have ordered a gathering foot and hope that it arrives soon.  I noticed another blogger purchased one and fell in love with it. OOOOhh, and there is an Estate Sale in my town tomorrow--with fabric and yarn!

I leave you today with 3 photos of Dog 1 and Dog 2 in the sewing room.  Notice the great drafting table that was given to my honey.  It is the perfect height and width for a cutting table.  Yep, oak drafting table-FREE! 

Dog 1

Oak Drafting Table- my new cutting table

Dog 2 with peanut butter filled Kongs I use to bribe dogs to let me sew.
Good girls!


  1. Love the table too!! AND love your dogs...they remind me of my little miniature pinscher girly girl....


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