Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sewing News

Last week I mentioned an estate sale with fabric.  So I went and they had lots of fabric, a whole metal cabinet full.  But it was in a dark corner in the garage that was hard to get to since it was so crowded in there with tables and other people looking at stuff.  They wanted $2 per yard and I could not see the fabric well at all.

The last estate sale I went to had fabric at $1.00 per bag (as much as you could put in a plastic grocery bag).  I figured I would just skip it since I can buy fabric much easier and know what I am getting.

Friday is an estate auction with fabric.  Let's see if I can get my butt out to that--it is at night and I am a real party pooper these days.

The Sewing Machine Ate it. . .

Yep that was the bodice to the red slinky knit dress I am referring to.  The sewing machine stuffed it into the bobbin area and made a black spot with a hole.  Just as well, this was started to feel a lot like working on college math.  So now we are on the way to a red slinky knit SKIRT! 

I hate slinky knit.

This fabric was originally going to be McCall's 5241 a 1 Hour Cardigan but after reading pattern reviews I decided against it.  Hmmm. . . .

Some Success in sewing

Simplicity Easy to Sew 3506.  True, it was easy, so easy I went back and did it again.  I think a lot of the success has to do with the fabric.  I knew the blue knit would work because I saw it on another lady's blog.  Thank you, whoever you are!  Also, like this person, I skipped the zipper since it is not needed with the knit fabrics.

The top is made from some stash fabric from ages ago. Not very pretty, but I had it so why not make something with it.  The white you can see are tiny butterflies.

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