Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess what you got me for our anniversary honey?

Last year for our wedding anniversary I decided that a dozen roses would be a great gift from the honey. And that a dozen rose plants from Jackson Perkins would be an even better gift. Especially since we had a new construction house with minimum landscaping. So here are a few photos from last summer just to get us all in the mood for the coming seasons.

This is one lizard that survived my prized lizard hunting doberman aka Dog1 for blogging purposes.

We also installed a new bluebird house last spring after attending a local seminar on the subject. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird produced two clutches (I think that is what you call them). Mr. Bluebird is back this year scoping out the house and waiting for the Mrs. to show up.

And just in case you thought I forgot this is suppost to be a sewing blog. . . I am working hard on a new waddie. At least it is showing great potential in that direction. I am sewing red slinky knit (what the heck was I thinking!) and using McCall pattern 6070. The pattern is labeled easy but the fabric is not. Right now I am wondering if I have enough fabric left to re-cut the bodice and start over.

Yesterday I purchased clear sewing thread to see if that would help with my problems. The directions call for a "narrow hem" on the neckline--ok, I get that. But hand sewing this area shows on the front and does not look good. Top stitching the area with red does not look good.

The pattern photo (chick in red dress) does not show top stitching but the illustrations do. So I will try the clear thread on a scrap and see what happens. Boy do I hate to waste this fabric, it is very nice quality at a great price purchased from Fabric.com.

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