Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Garment Made in many years

The bug bit me again and I decide to have another go at sewing.  The first pattern I chose was Simplicity 2852-6 Made Easy.  I chose to make view E although I knew this wide square neckline was not the most flattering on me.  But if I wore with something underneath as shown on the envelope it would work.

I looked through my years old stash and found some purple heather knit that I would not cry over if I ruined the top.  In RTW I wear a 10-12 and cut this top out in a size 14.  All-in-all it turned out well and was easy to make other than the set in sleeves.  I blasted, then re-basted, and think on the third try managed to get everything in smoothly. 

The top was a tiny bit tight in the bust but I've lost 5 pounds since then but the sleeves are too short.  It never occurred to me to check the sleeve length when I was making this.  Leason learned.  I will make this again in the round neckline version either view A or B.

One more leason learned--skip the set in sleeves and put them prior to sewing up the side seams.  Tried that method on another project-what a dream!

It is overcast today and this photo is much darker than should be.  The top is a light-medium purple heather and that is a white door behind it.  The flash started working for the other photos.

Now here is a real wadder for you: Simplicity 4025. I made view B in fleece.  It turned out to be a real dog-an ugly dog at that.  I like the way fleece sews but it seems too light of a material for this style to hang correctly.  This fleece was also old stash fabric but I should have saved it for a blanket or something.  Right now I can not imagine ever wanting to try this pattern again.  But maybe I learn something down the line that will help me figure out what fabrics would work best--never a funky patterned fleece though.

But since I liked sewing fleece I decided to try another pattern and a solid colored fleece. That should resolve my issues right?  Nope, another wadder just prettier color this time.  I used McCall'S 5714 DIY Style and what a pain in the butt it was.  Follow direction to this point, then take a right turn at Albuquerque, pick up directions here, then turn around and say the hokey pokey.  Too much drama in the directions for me and I have read similiar complaints on 

I chose view E to sew in a pretty yellow fleece.  Never did figure out the collar directions correctly and at the end quit short of putting on some snaps.  It looks terrible on me anyway.  I thought I might try a different view in a different type of fabric--one day.

Ok, I can not  close this with a wadder, what would you think of me?  New Look 6816 Easy 2 Hour tops, skirt, and pants.  I chose top view A and added to the length which was a great idea.  The fabric was a new purchase from JoAnn's and I really like it.

Everything on this sewing experience went rather smoothly except for the neckline binding.  I could not get that bugger to fit!  So I cheated and recut the piece with the grain going the super stretchy way. I could get it to fit and sew it on. . . but, yeah you know what is coming.  The neckline is just a bit too wide now and the bra straps show.

My honey says the top is pretty and to wear a strapless bra and not worry about it.  I will definitely try this pattern again and maybe figure out that neckline binding better the next go round.  Very cute top regardless.

I think this will look great with a pair of black pants.  You may not can see it but the fabric has a glittery streak running though it that makes it rather fancy looking.


  1. Hey, good start with your reentry into sewing! If you haven't sewn for a long time, there are a lot of changes, new things, tools, fabrics. etc. I hope you enjoy sewing and will become a regular in this blogsphere. Good luck and sew on!

  2. nice work!! Glad you're back into sewing!


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