Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Dress. . .

Yes, I know I said I was going to make a dress.  Even shared the pattern with you.  But when I laid the fabric out there was only 1 1/2 yards of 45 inches wide linen.  What?  I always buy at least 2 yards of a fabric. So then the search was on for a pattern that I could use and let me tell you that search went on forever it seemed. 

Behold :Simplicity 2372  The pattern for the skirt was just right for the fabric I had on hand.  Since this skirt looked to be rather close fitting I decide to cut it 2 sizes larger than I normally would.  Ok, ok, I admit it.  I been making and eating too many desserts. 

I paid attention to Sew A Beginner's latest post on her skirt making and followed some of her ideas.  The linen skirt is underlined with a cotton/poly broadcloth and I used lace hem tape.  While working on the skirt it occurred to me that I had a new purchased top that was just the right color to match this skirt.

Underlining, lace hem tape and I forgot to mention Hong Kong seams

I was rather concerned the the vent would be difficult but it was easy.  I tacked the very bottom of the vent closed because it was flapping open.

Ta Da!  Not too bad huh?

I also wanted to share some photos from a snazzy men's store in our town.  Although the photos are not great due to the reflection from the glass I wanted you to see the details on a couple of the shirts here.

Note the light mauve paisley print fabric with the darker buttonholes and buttons.
Also, the neck facing and cuff facing is a beautiful striped fabric.  Sorry the photos did not come out well enough to show you those details.  But look in the lower right hand corner of the photo below and you will see the inside of the cuff.

Next the shirt to the below has the facing fabric as a bold blue paisley against the white of the shirt.

And one final photo from this store with some great shoes and socks. I don't know whether a person is to wear those socks or eat them.  They remind me of sherbet--yummy!

Finally, I don't understand why I struggle so hard with that darn elastic in the skirt. I am thinking that inserting a zipper may be easier and involve a lot less cussing and fussing.  And if anyone out there can tell me how to load the pattern photos instead of just the link I would appreciate it.  Seems like I did it before . . .but how?


  1. I really like the paisley facing on the white shirt.

    As for the image link? Click on the image icon. Click on "Add an image from the internet", paste the images url and then upload. That's it!

  2. are hong kong seams the same as french seams... where you stitch it on the exterior then turn it inside out and fold that over and sew it so you don't have raw edges?

  3. The example of Hong Kong seams I saw went like this. Iron open your seam and then fold one edge in half to the center, iron flat. Fold the opposite seam in half to the center and iron. With the raw edges of both seams in the center, fold both to one side and stitch them together. Other sites show seams with edges finished with tape enclosing the raw edges on either side. Your description of French Seams matches what I know too.

  4. Thanks Amy for the information on posting pattern photos. Seems to be time to call in the Honey for help. I know your directions are correct but for some reason it is not working for me.

  5. Those shirts brought back memories of those candies that were on the white strips of papers, you know the little dots you pealed off!! lol


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