Monday, June 21, 2010

&%#@#%!!!! Sewing Machines

I have two sewing machines now and neither of them is working properly.  The Bernina my mom gave me was serviced and works well except the foot control needs to be replaced.  Oh it sews--in high speed only!  The Singer sewing machine has suddenly started skipping stitches, some stitches are an inch long! 

This has put a halt to my attempts to insert an invisible zipper.  It was not going well at at all so maybe a break is what I needed anyway.  I hope to get the zipper put in before I wear out the fabric though.

(It has been a really bad day so far and it is not even noon.  Dog #1 has to go back to the surgeon's tomorrow because her leg is inflamed, I flooded the crawl space under the house a bit changing a whole house filter, I have to go to the doctor with a hurt foot, and the list goes on. And did I mention the darn sewing machines are not working properly "GRIN".) Back to our regularly scheduled program. . . .

So for your viewing pleasure I will share with you some photos the Honey took this weekend.  He has been gardening and planting daylilies everywhere.  The newly planted lilies have their leaves trimmed back to help them get established.



  1. I haven't been getting updates on your blog for some reason, so I stopped by - glad I did! I'd missed a lot. I'm liking your new skirt, the lace hem tape is a very pretty touch. I'll have to try that sometime.

    About pattern photos - go to their website. If you're on a PC, left click and select "Image properties." this will bring you a little pop up with a URL - copy and paste that into the img tag. If you're on a Mac, just drag the photo to your desktop, it will save it as a file, and upload it like a regular photo.

    BTW - any interest in a copy of the July Burda?

  2. Hey Lady,
    It's a bummer about your sewing machines:( And it seems you've been having all sorts of adventures as of late! Hope your machines are fixable.

    Also, I saw your post about the dress that matched mine. I was at work and unfortunately couldn't respond to it. I gather you've since removed it but that was really cool of you to note on your blog. BTW, I look forward to following along with you on your sewing adventures (smile)!

  3. Strange! Well I'm glad you told me, I'm following you (again) lol. Don't worry about Threads or anything in return. Burda is sometimes hard and expensive to get ahold of in the US and July has a lot of cute things!


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