Friday, June 11, 2010

I won a blog giveaway!!!

I won a copy of "Dispatches from the Edge" written by Anderson Cooper.  This was a blog give away on "Kerrfect: A Blog of Glamour, Thriftiness and Crafts".  Jennifer is a young military wife who can get rather passionate on certain subjects from time to time (read "Dirtbag of the Day" for an example).  And don't get her started on "The Biggest Loser" ---she watches faithfully. But what I love most about her blog her are the thrifty buys that she shares with us and her crafts.

We share a love of books and bargains for sure.  Her most grand bargain to date has been a plus size mink coat purchased for $18.  Check out the photo of her seaman husband (Go Navy!) and you'll know these two are having too much fun together. Man in Mink makes me laugh every time.

Her blog addy is:

Thanks guys for the book!

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