Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Greatest thing since sliced bread! IMHO

Ok, it is not sewing, not even crafting, but you still need to know about this with the holidays coming.  Then the next thing you know it is New Year's with those darned resolutions.  You'll really thank me then.  So on to the "Greatest Thing".

It is listed at Amazon for $24.69 but I bought mine today at TJ Maxx for $12.99.  Sorry, they only had the one in my store.  I love chopped salad and had been using my kitchen shears to do the job and wishing for something better.  Boy, is this better!  So easy and the salad we had for dinner tonight was great.  It tasted like those expensive salads from nice restaurants.  I used a small plastic box of salad 50/50 blend, a Pink Lady apple, dried cranberries, buttermilk bluecheeese, walnuts, and roasted chicken breast. I tried a new salad dressing ttoo, Teresa's brand of Watermelon-Cucumber Vinegrette. This is a very light dressing, not too sweet and I think almost everything commercially made is too sweet. Oh, and topped it with croutons of course.

I give this a 5 star rating and I don't think I have ever given anything a 5 star rating before.  Buy one and impress your dinner guests this holiday season, enjoy a quick light dinner after a long day shopping, and get ready for the New Year diet resolution all with the same purchase.  See--definitely worth your dollars.

I'll try and post soon with some crocheting I done in the past and a new project I am working on.



  1. That looks pretty nifty Toocute!!! I have a TJ Maxx in my backyard....i'll have to check it out. Of course, I need a paycheck first!!! lol lol

  2. That looks like a great product! My mom is a big time salad eater, and this may be a PERFECT Christmas gift for her! Thanks for the idea!


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