Friday, October 1, 2010

Maybe next week I can blog

I have been sick and not on the computer except for a couple of days these past two weeks.  It's the usual stuff for this time of year, sore throat, clogged head, etc.  But finally I think I might be getting over this with the help of about 4 bottles of medicine including antobiotics.

The one thing I have accomplished these past two weeks is a lot of reading.  I did take time to post them on Good Reads although I have discovered no talent for writing book reviews.  This is an art that must be learned and there are some sites to help learn this.  Maybe I'll invest a few minutes on that one day.

The only other interesting thing in this house is the high drama dog fights.  In the past two weeks we have had 3 fights!  First fight, Dog #1 had a hole in the butt bite, this is almost healed, fight two, Dog #1 got an ear bitten.  Head bites are always the bloodiest and with her shaking her head our house looked like a crime scene.  Now I need to purchase a new lamp shade since I had to throw one out due to blood speckles all over it--yuck!  Fight three was last night, Dog #1 got a small bite on her side plus a few head bites and Dog #2 got bitten on the area where her front leg meets her chest.  She is sore and walking very slowly today.

It has become clear to me that you could get murdered in our neighborhood and no one would notice.  After all the noise last night from the dog fight no one seemed to notice at all. This is probably a good thing since the Honey ran out of the house in his underware to help me break up the fight. I lost my shoes and jacket during the fight,  Dog #1 lost her collar at some point too and Honey lost his temper :)  I don't know why but I am always calm during these things and follow up immediately with checking dogs for damage once they are separated.  Honey is still cussing and threatening to kill the dogs.

Oh well hopefully things will return to normal next week for all of us.


  1. Awww...I hope you feel better soon. How come your doggies are fighting? How long have they been together.
    I'll tell ya, when I take my lil pinscher for a walk and she starts barking at these huge dogs....I get very frightened. (She thinks she's a dobe) So far, so good tho!

  2. I'm sorry you are feeling bad. And sorry the dogs aren't getting along. I hope that everything improves very, very soon.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. That truly is some doggie drama! After all that I would have thought your neighbors would have noticed too.

    Well, I hope those doggies behave themselves...and heal quickly.

  4. Thanks for all your well wishes :)

  5. Why does this suburban dogfight sound like the opening to a romantic comedy? What movie is that?!

    lol @ your comment - whats worse is vanity sizing. I wear an XS bikini top and an XL bikini bottom. I measure a M for both, go figure.

    Any sewing or dream-sewing going on? (I've been doing mostly the latter)


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