Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So this has been on my mind since last week when I saw the back cover of a ladies magazine.  The back cover was an advertisement for Fruit of the Loom panties "Don't be embarrassed by panty lines".  When did panty lines become an embarrassment?  Of course, I mean this in the normal course of things--normal clothes with normal underwear with a normal fit with normal people.

See the problem here?  My normal is not your normal maybe.  Actually I am happy to see that people are wearing their panties.  It's the no panties, thong songs, too tight pants, and butt cups that I find disturbing.  And in full disclosure:  I worked at a university and one of my programs was Dress for Success.  Also, I did classroom workshops on Professional Dress, Resume Writing, Interviewing, etc. 

In these workshops I did not address underwear but did talk about "butt cups" meaning your skirt fits too tight and cups under your butt.  I also spoke about "Boobage" not cleavage but "Boobage" meaning you wore something low cut to a job interview, showed your taa taas and behold you are a BOOB!.  Don't show your "boobage" during the day and especially at a job interview.

Back to panty lines.  Panty lines from thong songs means--if I can tell you are wearing thongs, I can see your pants climbing up your butt, your butt dimples, and other TMI. (And I mean if I see your thongs--maybe you have good clothes on and I don't see your secret thrill.) I once worked with a woman (not in higher ed) who wore thongs with her too tight pants, and I could have counted the cellulite dimples on her butt.  She also wore low cut blouses that showed the hair on her chest and did not shave her moustache either. This did not make her a bad person just a person with bad fashion sense and poor grooming habits.

That is the back view from wearing the wrong underwear.  From the front we have the dreaded "camel toe".  Yes, I know, it sounds ugly and makes me cringe.  But please, I don't want to see it let alone have to write about and warn people to beware of this terrible creature.

Then there was the higher education conference I attended.  One of the speakers had on a too thin shirt with a too thin bra and her high beams were on.  I'm sorry were you saying something?  I hated to do it but for the critique on the conference workshop I suggested a change of clothing for the next day without the distracting high beams.  She got the message and wore more appropriate clothing the next day.  Really, I hated, HATED, to do this but not doing anything seemed even worse.

My mother always made sure that I had the appropriate underwear for my outer clothing and sometimes just matching underwear for special occasions.  I had a strapless bra in my early teens for a top that had lace straps.  My mother made that top and the matching jacket too.  For my junior prom I had a beautiful yellow chiffon halter dress and matching long half slip and panties. 

So now that I have convinced you that I am either wearing bloomers or granny panties I will share that they are French High cuts.  They are also hard as heck to find these days.  When I was younger it was bikini panties but those days are over.  I think panties should cover, should contain, and control those things that need controlling, containing, and covering.  Panty lines showing?  This should not be a problem unless the outer clothes are: Too thin, too tight, too short, too. . . .well you get the idea.

So a posting with no photos?  Really?  These are things you don't want to see.


  1. Hmmm...I am sure I have had the panty line issue a handful of times myself. I really didn't know it until my hubby, then boyfriend, pointed it out. Now I am a matchy-matchy girl who is panty line free--again, thanks to the hubby!

  2. oh, my you are so right about professional dress! There are so many people (many in my own office!) who have no clue how their clothing choices are impacting people's perception of them!!


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