Sunday, October 31, 2010

New out September 2010-Pattern Review Book

I saw this in the boostore today and thought it look pretty good.  However, I am cheap and did not want to spend $20 for it but at Amazon it is only $13.59.  The ratings are great too. 

On the other end of the price spectrum is this book also from Amazon and with a 5 star rating. Fitting and  Pattern Alteration.

This little baby, 496 pages and $100.49 must be really good but that 49 cents will keep me from purchasing it this year. Ok, this lifetime "smirk".

I love books but these past couple of years I turned to buying from the local book sales.  Honey and I went to the local library sale a week ago.  I was not feeling great and only bought a few books because I wanted to go home.  The books were a bargain at $2 for hardcovers and 50 cents for paperbacks.  I got a great 1963 cookbook that I love.  It has wonderful original illustrations and the recipes are ones I'll be using too.

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  1. I saw the PR book at Barnes & Nobles about a month ago, and you are right, it looks like it has a lot of great tips inside of it! However, I too am a cheapie like you, and will wait until it's almost a steal to buy!


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