Friday, October 8, 2010

Okkkaay, so maybe NEXT week I can blog

Another trip this week to the doctor for different meds--BLAHH!  I am sick of being sick!

The fews things I did accomplish this week are:

Meeting with the non-profit lady and showing her my work on the database.

Doing my first batch of letters for the non-profit group.

Baking a pound cake.

Baking buttermilk bread.

Bathing Dog #1 early in the week.  Did not feel well enough to manage doing the two on the same day like normal.

Bathing Dog #2 this morning.

And lots of laundry for today so I guess I am off.

Project I hope to get started today--crocheting an afghan for a Christma gift (perhaps, maybe I'll keep it)

Have a great weekend and I hope to have something blog worthy soon.


  1. You are getting stuff done! We have been deep cleaning the house to get ready for winter. Shampooing the carpets lastnight and today. All that fun stuff that keeps me away from what I REALLY want to do: BLOG!

  2. Oh, no, I am sorry to hear you are ill. But kudos to you on dog bathing. I haven't given mine a bath in probably 6 months. It's like WWF in the bathroom whenever I try. I'm considering just spraying him with febreeze ;)

  3. I am sorry you are sick! I hope you are feeling better...

    I didn't know you crochet! I used to, but it has been too long for me to try and pick that up again. Or maybe!?!


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