Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey I found a couple of websites with pretty ethnic dolls Pattycake Dolls and Black Dolls to Love.  You can even find dolls for children with Down Syndrome at Pattycakes.

I found one that I think is very pretty but not sure if it is the right one for our angel tree girl since she asked for doll with stroller.  But look!  Isn't she pretty and she has fabulous hair. She is also very stylish I think.

Cecile by Corelle

Ok, bloggers with little girls out there....would she do fgor a 5 year old?


  1. Having young granddaughters, I would say this one seems a bit mature for a 5 year old. Five year olds really do love the baby dolls that they can wrap up in blankets, put down for naps & push around in a stroller. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the advice CAS. I was wondering about that but was not really sure.

  3. I think this doll is fabulous! Really, if you think about it, a lot depends on the 5 year old. My niece is 5, and she loves dolls like this! Since your "angel" wanted a stroller, she may want more of a baby doll.

    I know I have seen some cute ones in the store at Walmart. However, you are right that most African American dolls are white dolls with darker skin! LOL! Good luck in your hunt, I know you will find the perfect toy for this little angel.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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