Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Makeover Part #1--Re-Do Home Depot Boo Boo

So things did not go as planned with the paint choice.  Sunday morning we did our prep work and opened up one can of paint.  Yeah. . . .not looking much like the original paint sample or the chip.  But maybe it is the light or something so on we go.  Started painting and then the Honey painted some of the new paint next to the sample on the wall where we had been testing colors.  "Well get the hair dryer our Honey!"

It only went downhill from there.  I did not feel good and was snappy anyway, Honey was grouchy too.  We returned the two gallons of neon orange to Home Depot grabbed some lunch and went home.  I took a nap.

Honey suggested that we just put a new coat of the original color which was and is Laura Ashley Gold #3.  Yesterday he dsicovered if we change out the light bulbs in the bedroom we can get the room to look more like the original paint color. (This is a Lowe's product and since we already had some left over we only bought one gallon. It is looking like we did not need this though and I don't think we will have to open the can.)

Today I'll finish painting the bedroom (I believe) and hopefully move on to other things.  One other thing I accomplished yesterday was to paint the back door which had been a job delayed too long.  The framework and the door completed.  Looks nice and clean--for now anyway.

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