Saturday, November 6, 2010

Part Two: On With the Thrifting Treasures

I purchased a ton of stuff from the major thrifting places, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and the SPCA Thrift Store.  Most of it this week to be used in holday decor.  Then today on the way to Hobby Lobby I drove by an new thrift store benefitting the nonprofit I have been doing work for.  Surprise me--did not know they had one.

My table is full of treasures that I paid anywhere from 75 cents to $3.99 with most of the stuff about $1-$2.

This small pumpkin scene plate was 75 cents and the black iron holder ($1.01) was meant for a tile I think. It has two prongs at the top that I cut off with bolt cutters--love those things--bolt cutters that is.

The little rabbit with basket is small but very heavy and less than $3.00

The flower arrangement with the pink roses is for my mother it was $3.99

Small sunflower candle holder $1.01

Pheasant salt and pepper shakers $1.00 (tail on male bird was broken and glued back on--not an issue for my purposes and better than that no one but me will ever know)

This small piece of handmade pottery reminded me of an acorn.  It is heavy and very pretty.

These two angels that sit on the edge of a mantle match my Lenox nativity set and were only $4.04 for the two.  Next to it is a Lenox like Christmas ornament that holds a photo on the other side--$2.02.  It would also be beautiful as trim on a Christmas package.

These are two pieces meant to hang on the wall, one is corn and the other lilies. 

A small porcelian doll with red hair dressed in a beautiful green dress.

Vintage Santa less that $4.00

Two more Lenox like pieces--the heart trinket box is Lenox and the reindeer is close enough.

Ok, that is all I can show you for now since I have to run.  Tune in later for more and I'll show you my lovely Thanksgiving mantel piece all decorated with some of these thrifted items.


  1. I LOVE the Pheasant salt and pepper shakers!!!!

  2. My favorite is the set of angels! How pretty, and right on time for the season!


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