Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Emergency, Black Baby Dolls, etc.

I've been out of town with my mother being admitted in the hospital last week.  Turns out she has diverticulitis but she is back home. I ran my butt off taking care of things for her like filling the freezer and the pantry, running errands, and trips to the hospital.  She can hardly walk and grocery shopping is a very big deal for her to do.  But the after spending about $800 on groceries she is well stocked for a while.  It is just her and her husband and they are not big eaters just bad eaters which explains the diverticulitis to some degree.

Since coming back home I have been busy trying to get my own pantry in order for Thanksgiving.  Plus interviewing for a job (think good thoughts out there my blog peeps "SMILE")

Now to the black baby doll thing.  Honey brought home 3 angels from the angel tree at work.  He started with two, one boy one girl, and then this afternoon he saw there was one angel left so now we have 2 girls 1 boy.  Both girls want dolls with carriage.strollers, bikes, other toys, etc.  The boy wants cars/trucks/ books (so happy to see this), movies, and Spiderman stuff. 

Madame Alexander Hearts A Flutter Doll
"African American"

So I go online to find the doll designated (B) for black and find that black baby dolls are really just white white dolls with dark skin. Well that ain't just right is it?  So does anyone know where I can find a black baby doll with stroller that looks like she should.  It seems a shame to send over these poor imitation dolls--I want our angel to have the right doll if I can get it in time. 

Oh and I am sorry 5 year old girl angel but you are NOT getiing makeup from me.  Bike, doll, games, yes, Makeup, NO!  All of the angels have clothes sizes listed but those are not right either.  A two year not not wear a size 5/6  and a 5 year old does not wear a size 1 shoe.  So I really need to find the right toys I think.

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  1. Thanks for your visit and kind comments. It looks like you've really got the Christmas spirit, going that extra mile to find just the right gift!

    - The Tablescaper


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