Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mantel Reveal with Thrifted Items

This project all started with Savvy Southern Style and now she gave me another reason to hurry up with the post.  She is hosting another before and after event and I wanted to link in too.

First I pulled out the stuff I used last year when I decorated the mantel for Thanksgiving last year.  I already had the large candle sticks (all the time) out and the water color was out too.  This water color was an $18 purchased at an antique store (half price sale) and then I paid around $60 to get it framed.  Still not too bad a price for an original piece of artwork that I like. The glass pumpkin on the far left is a dollar store find from last year.

New this year was the large platter my mother sent for my birthday and pretty much all the rest are things you have seen previously in the thrifting adventures over the past few days.

The Harvest Ladies are from Hobby Lobby and also from last year.  The Lamp Berger was moved later.

Then I added all the thrifted things and some silk flowers from an arrangement I had made from flowers leftover from wreath making. 

Dollar store pumpkin, new platter from mother and vintage mama and babies squirrel set--this was $4.00 from a new thrift store that just opened

Glazed pottery piece and sunflower candle holder-thrifted

Mr. & Mrs. Pheasant thrifted from Goodwill for 50 cents each

Finally the 75 cent small plate and $1.50 plate holder

And the whole sheeebaannng together

It is an improvement for sure but seems to just miss the mark again.  So I'll keep watching Savvy Southern Style and the rest of you design gurus.  Maybe some of your design talents will make it over my way "GRIN"


  1. I love what you did to dress up your mantel and for very little money. Thank you for joining my party tonight!

  2. Very pretty mantel!

  3. It looks like you might be new to blogland, so I say "Welcome" to you! Thank you for visiting my blog, so I was able to visit yours. Your blog looks like it's going to be a lot fun. I really love Kim's SSS blog & several others. They have opened my eyes to thrifting & seeing the future possibilities.

  4. Hey girl, it looks good. Very eclectic, which is totally me. I wish I had a mantle to decorate,but none to be found in my small space upstairs from my sis. She has the fireplace. Thanks for visiting Nanniepannies and come again and stay awhile.

  5. Kim sent me over!
    What a super mantle - even better, it's done on a budget :o)

  6. That looks very nice. I love the harvest angels. I keep finding the pheasants at Goodwill too. I found some today that were really large and I think I may go back and get them. They were pretty neat. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I think your mantel turned out great! It is fun to "peek" into all the beautiful homes in blogland. It's like a giant home decor magazine just a click away. You found a lot of fun things thrifting. I have just started to do that and it is so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Love your squirrels!!! And your mantel looks great:)

  9. Thanks for the follow! Stop by again!

  10. Love what you did and on such a budget!! That Kim at Savvy has some talent, doesn't she??? I look at hers and try to figure out what my problems are, too!

  11. You have put together such a nice display on such a small budget. It sounds like it was something you really enjoyed creating :)


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